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The “Nuri Geli” lake, located in the center of the park is 130-140 meters away from the seashore. This oval shaped lake depth is 7-8 meters and the total water surface area is 5.5 ha. The lake outline is 1030 meters and length 105 meters The “Nuri Geli” lake belongs to the class of lagoon lakes and it is nourished by the underground waters. There is the historical proof that in past the river “Angisa” was a tributary of the lake.
Former name of the “Nuri Geli” lake was “Gel-Bash” lake. The latter name “Nuri Geli” is related to the tragic story. According to the legend a baby boy named Nuri sank in the lake. The baby’s mother used to visit the lake everyday and called the baby “Nuri geli” - Nuri I am waiting for you!
In the 19th century, the static water became as a source for marshland and malaria disseminating mosquitoes. The jungle around the lake was full of jackals and boars, which were allowed for hunting. Alexander Frenkel, the military reporter, over his visit to Batumi in 1879 wrote: “…one can hunt for wildlife from their house’s windows”.
In 1881, General Mayor – Al. Smelnikov, the Batumi district governor made decision of cleaning the lake territory in favor of building here the “Town Garden”. The lake site was cleaned form wild plants, walking paths were arranged the rest desks set.
In 1933 the “Town Garden” transformed to “Children’s park” and much attention was paid to the lake site improvement and new harbor was built. Boating at the lake became the Batumi residents’ favorite activity.
In 1947 first ship was launched in the lake – “Pioneer” and on 28th of October, the ship “Aisi”.
Through the channel with the Black See the fish was entering the lake and in past times the lake had the fishing function, through year the eco system of the lake has been changed though still the fishing lovers on leisure are frequent visitors of the lake. Currently one the leisure subject at the lake is the completely safe boating. Price for boating on the Nuri Geli Lake – 5 Gel (30 min).

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