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The wishers who are interested in the dolphin interaction, they have a chance to swim with the dolphins here.
Duration: 15 minutes
•From 3 To 16 years – 100 Gel
•16 & Up – 150 Gel
•For disabled (Above 5 Years) - 160 Gel

The rules to be respected before and while interaction
Not allowed:
•Children up to 3 years old;
•Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic medicines;
•People with dermatological problems;
•Women during menstrual phase.
1.For up to 14 year old children only 2 adults are allowed to accompany them at the pool, for the children older than 14 only 1 person is allowed. (Taking photos and videos are allowed free of charge).
2.Before going into the pool:
- take off all accessories (jewelry, hair-pins, etc.);
- take a shower;
- clean your hands with disinfecting liquid.
3.We provide safety vest for little children.
4.Follow the instructions of the trainer.
While interaction avoid touching dolphin's eyes and respiratory holes.

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